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    To provide an environment where Veterans and Emergency Responders can reconnect to nature, thus promoting personal growth, healing and relaxation. We believe that providing this type of support for Veterans and Emergency Responders will lessen their likelihood of suicide, substance abuse and broken families.



    Located in a temperate rainforest in Southeast Alaska with mountains on one side and open ocean on the other.

  • Waypoint


    noun: waypoint; plural noun: waypoints

    a stopping place on a journey.

    Lucas Goddard

    Executive Director


    At this stopping point, I would like to bring you into Alaska's wilderness.

    As an Alaskan Veteran I find it very important to bring the positive effects that nature has to other veterans, first responders and their families.


    I was born and raised here in Sitka. My passion is helping others like myself. I have experienced the positive effects of nature from being surrounded by this wild and beautiful environment. Being outdoors has grounded me, challenged me and even helped me relax.


    Through our list of different options that we offer I would like to tailor an adventure to fit your abilities and interests. From hiking the mountain tops to riding the waves in a kayak, each adventure will be one to remember.

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  • Goals for Waypoint

    Any funds received for Waypoint for Veterans, will be used


    501 (c) 3 Status




    Stay posted for our release of our Waypoint for Veterans T-shirts!


    Launch 2021 Adventures

    We are in the process of connecting local Veterans and First Responders through outdoor adventures and local events.



    Setting up adventures for Veterans and First Responders who do not live in Sitka, to experience Alaska.

  • All donations help Veterans and First Responders

    Current donations will go directly to the August week long adventure, as well as for sponsoring local adventures for local Veterans and First Responders for the 2021 season.

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    P.O. Box 65
    Sitka, AK 99835