• Wildlife

    Whales & Sealife

    Wildlife Tours

    There are opportunities to go whale watching and a chance to see sea life on local boat tours. Some trips include day trips to St. Larzaria's Island, which is a bird sanctuary. Depending on the time of year you visit Sitka, you may see whales, sea otters, seals, killer whales, sea lions and a variety of sea birds.

    Eagles & Raptors

    Alaska Raptor Center

    Located minutes from downtown Sitka, the Alaska Raptor Center is a rehabilitation center for Raptors. Their mission is to provide healing, rehabilitation and to be able to release all of their avian patients. They do all of this, plus educate the public and provide a viewing place to over 36,000 visitors a year. This is a wonderful place to spend the afternoon, viewing eagles, owls and when the timing is right, being able to watch rehabilitated eagles being released.


    Fortress of the Bears

    Local bear sanctuary for orphaned bears. The Fortress sits on three quarter acre habitat, set against the Tongass National Forest. Here is your chance to watch bears being fed up close, or watch as they play.